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Sunday 15 September 2019
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Super Tunnels for Global Travel Considered

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Perhaps, by chance you may have seen some of the old popular mechanics issues or views information on the Discovery Channel which talked about the potential eventuality of a super tunnel going underneath the ocean connecting the United States with Europe. It most likely would be set up just like a vacuum tube which sends the canister from the drive-through into your local bank. Not long ago, I was discussing this with someone, an acquaintance from overseas.

Such a system is a good form of transportation, and it would provide low emissions and excellent efficiency. My acquaintance noted that “a good thing for transportation would be to do an underground system of big vacuum-tubes going all around our globe,” and I admitted that, “Yes, I liked the concept of a tunnel pipe across the Atlantic.” The speeds that could be garnered with such a transportation system could be intense, almost the speed of airline travel, perhaps even greater.

And the reality is there are lots of simple tricks which can increase the efficiency of such a transportation system using known physics. Indeed, my acquaintance noted that there could be hubs in every major city so once the two went across the Atlantic Ocean, and could also continue on to all the major cities in Europe, or on this side to every major city in the United States, all underground. Of course you’re probably asking what about earthquakes right, that’s usually the first question when I mentioned this topic.

But the reality is we actually could mitigate that, we’ve learned quite a bit and in the next 100-years we will learn even more. Now then, it may not be able to handle an 8.9 earthquake such as the one that Japan recently experienced in March of 2011, but nothing else could survive that anyway. After all Japan lost a refinery, nuclear power plant, and flooded a few coastal cities, and all of their transportation system was also shut down such as high-speed rail, buses, and their subway.

Such a strategy would also work very good for colonies on the Moon or Mars, and yes there is seismic activity on both of those celestial bodies. Since we know a good amount about where the seismic activity is in the world, we could avoid those zones. Indeed, if you really wish to have efficient transportation in the world, perhaps you will please consider all this and think on it. If you have additional ideas, drawings, or designs, please contact me by e-mail.

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